March 11, 2015

The office party

The comapany's anniversary party, red carpet style at the office last week was a blast. The food was great and wine flooded the entire party. A lot of us showcased our hidden talents during the short program. The dating game played by my single officemates was fun. The winners’ prize was a romantic date for two. Awww…How romantic! There were also other raffle give aways such as. I got a corporate gifts from one of our clients. Everyone was grateful for their gifts during the raffle portion. But the highlight of the party was the recognition awards ceremony held during the last part. Being with them for a long time, my new boss colaborated with me in giving some awards to my officemates. Everyone was delighted to get their individual awards. I thought I won’t get one, but my boss gave me “a diva award,” because I got the highest score at the video-oke machine. Haha!

March 10, 2015

Talents and skills

I was watching the tv when my niece interrupted me if she can switch the tv channel for a while. She wanted to watch the music channel for they will have a feature of her musician friend in the show. I gave her the permission and we watched together the show. I remember how I was eager before to learn how to strum the guitar and I even enrolled in a music class during summer. I have learned a little but I lost my interest on it when I was asked to join my sister in the dance group and there I develop my dancing skill well.

December 10, 2014

Sucessful one

I met an old friend at the elevator this morning. She looked very different. I was surprise to know that she works at the salon in one of the middle floors in the building where my work place is. It was a coincidence that I was going to visit the salon after work to have a hair cut. So she waited for me in the afternoon and did my hair cut.I was always amazed by how they do the hair cut in the salons. I mean I have cut somebody’s hair before and yet I could not do it right. She told me it took her years to be an expert in what she does. After being a salon assistant in her aunt’s salon, she enrolled in a school and made her way to success after.