September 04, 2014

Earlier the better

I asked my sister where she bought her jacket since I find it very comfortable. According to her she buys her things online and she told me to look the website. I also love shopping online especially when I don’t like going to mall on weekend. I can shop while on bed and enjoying my weekend free days. Anyway, I should start making my gift list already for the holiday so I can shop soon to avoid the shopping rush.

Music for the soul

I was with a friend last weekend at the concert in the park and we enjoyed every song played there. I like the part when a good looking man sang moon river and I remember when my sister played that on her piano. After the concert I feel still flying in the air since the songs made me relax and forgot the days stress. I will make this always in my room to hear good music as my music therapy or order one instrument that I learn to play like guitar. It really works well as Plato said “Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul”

July 20, 2014

Christmas in July

I was with my friend last week at a museum and we found out some musical instrument too. I saw a beautiful guitars and other instruments are old piano and harp. Seeing the harp I remembered the angels and its just like Christmas time. I feel like hearing angelic voice singing a christmas songs and that I can feel truly the chirstmas spirit.