November 26, 2014

Music in work

In our work, some of my colleagues form a music group that they perform every occasion like company parties and Christmas party. I watch them once during practice and with their music instruments they really exerts lot of their effort and time to the group. Many have already suggested them to join contest on TV and who knows they will be discovered but they just insisted that music is their hobby and past time. They love their work so much that they don’t have plans to change their career. Cheers to them and keep up the good work.

Her gift

My friend is a fan of vintages and so she has a collection. She is also into music and she have vintage music player and microphones too. Her place is a great photo studio for vintage themes and the next time I will visit her, I will bring my photo gadgets to capture some photos with her dog in a dog halloween costumes. I also want her to be my model with her music studio with vintage theme since I am planning to give her a gift on holiday. The gift is music related and I hope she will like it.

October 19, 2014

Good start

My friend asked my suggestion what gift she can give to her new business partner. I told her why not gave her a blanket since she just also new here. That would help her surely to cope up the winter cold nights. So yesterday my friend informed me that her colleague was so happy with the gift and she thanked me for the great idea. She also added a jewel gift certificate since she knows someone working in that shop. I wish both of them will have a good working relationship and their business will grow successfully.