December 10, 2014

Sucessful one

I met an old friend at the elevator this morning. She looked very different. I was surprise to know that she works at the salon in one of the middle floors in the building where my work place is. It was a coincidence that I was going to visit the salon after work to have a hair cut. So she waited for me in the afternoon and did my hair cut.I was always amazed by how they do the hair cut in the salons. I mean I have cut somebody’s hair before and yet I could not do it right. She told me it took her years to be an expert in what she does. After being a salon assistant in her aunt’s salon, she enrolled in a school and made her way to success after.

December 09, 2014

Music love

My nephew insisted of buying a new student flutes wherein he has still the other flute which works well. I don’t know why he is showing this kind of attitude and I blame his parents for always granting his wishes. Anyway, the good thing about it, he makes a point to do good in school and so he always brought joy to all of us. I hope he will grow to be more responsible soon and for his love of music will remain in him.

November 26, 2014

Music in work

In our work, some of my colleagues form a music group that they perform every occasion like company parties and Christmas party. I watch them once during practice and with their music instruments they really exerts lot of their effort and time to the group. Many have already suggested them to join contest on TV and who knows they will be discovered but they just insisted that music is their hobby and past time. They love their work so much that they don’t have plans to change their career. Cheers to them and keep up the good work.