May 19, 2015


As we were walking on the shopping street area, there was this music group playing with their instruments. We watch them for a while and their music instruments. They made a great music that all of us the audience applauded after. Watching those street music performers are very interesting likewise the artists who just paint streets. I enjoyed these 3D street painters who are awesome and talented. Those are only moments that will make my day inspiring and great.

May 18, 2015

Wish came true

My friend wanted to visit a music studio and so we went to my cousin who has a mini music studio. When we arrive there he showed us his studio with korg pa3x and many more. My friend recorded her first song and she was very happy about it. I already encourage her before to join song contest but she sighted that it was only her hobby to sing and she love more her work. I am happy for her that finally her simple wish came true.

April 09, 2015

Missing my friend

I have a scheduled meeting with my friend to dine last weekend but she phoned me earlier since she needs to attend on her work in her studio. I am very disappointed at first but then that life's anyway. Maybe some days when she is not busy anymore, we can have time together. I am just happy that she will have free time and amuse herself since she is really rooted in her work. Anyway, I hope everything will be normal soon and we can spend weekend together in music concerts as we used to do before.