May 28, 2006

my prayer

our prayers to the victims of the earthquake...

O gracious God, we will never understand the sorrows of the world, but by your grace we will not turn away from them. Renew and sustain in us the spirit of love that crosses miles. Cheer and encourage those who labor to help the injured, the homeless, the hungry and those in despair. Bless and soften the hearts of those who would take advantage of tragedy for their own profit, that they may come to know where true joy is to be found. Unite us in prayer with all those who look for help, and use us to come speedily to them with the things that they need. We ask these things in your own most holy Name. Amen


/iambrew said...

sorry got no clue.
proly been sleeping too much.
nahhh... work. yes, it is work!
must resign soon...

Ann said...

Nakita ko nga sa TFC. God bless us all!

kisses said...

So be it!

kneeko said...

you're right ... pray na lang natin... kawawa ang mga bata.. :(