September 13, 2006

Good Day or Bad Day?

Good Day or Bad Day?

How to Have a Bad Day...

Wake up late, in a panic
Rush to get ready
Dress hurriedly
Don't eat
Drink lots of coffee
No spiritual reflection
No exercise
Don't plan your day
Focus on your failures.

Never smile
Be selfish and unfriendly
Criticize, blame, complain
Think negative thoughts
Dictate, direct, command
Don't forget to nag
Don't overlook mistakes

No time for lunch
Harbor resentment
Keep rushing
Don't communicate
Keep it all to yourself

Worry about tomorrow
Be rigid and cranky
Retire with bad thoughts
and a full stomach.

How to Have a Good Day!

Wake up early - don't rush
Breath slowly and deeply
Have some quiet time

Greet everyone
Smile a lot
Compliment often
Listen more - talk less
Beware of giving advice
View your work as a privilege

Express appreciation
Do your best
Welcome change
Relax your neck muscles
Plan time for relaxation
Throw away negative feelings
Let go of anger and guilt

Leave work at work
Review your accomplishments
Plan pleasurable events
Eat well at night
Recognize your blessings

(Author unknown)


tutubing_karayom said...

What if the more u wanna have a gud day, the more and more ur stock on a bad days?? kelangan ko nabang mag bigti?

sasha said...

okay 'tong post na 'to ha! eeny-meeny... hahaha

pano kung moody ka lang ng wala kang magawa para mabago yun? at may kung ano kang napi-feel na na-trigger ng kung ano o sino? gets mo?

Juana said...

hahaha... having full stomach can cause bad day! waaaaaaaaaaah good day ko yan!

ann said...

Wake up early...waaaahhhh..bad day ko yun.