April 25, 2007

hi welcome! its good that you find your way here. just be careful its quite dark here in my new dungeon which is near the ditch down under heheh... just imagine your just in a darkrooom.

anyway i prepared you some flashlights. after a long break here i am again in the limelight! with bonggagious reappearance in a red carpet heheh... the month of april is a significant phase of my blogging life. Its one year old of cheesy mousey days! from sigh-- wanting to go back to the days of fluffy clouds, pink lemonade and imagination to a picture a day takes sighs away that brought say cheese...

its been a year of pondering as well as cheeseing and mouseying with you guys. thanks for that wonderful year with you all. Happy 1st Blogsary to me!!! as i entered another phase ,i came up to reunite these blogs and viola! here i am a newbie wordpress user. welcome to me! and let the party begin. here's the appetizer send by mickey mouse!

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