November 23, 2007

Face exercise

Did you know that there are facial exercises aside from body exercises.Probably, a good laugh is the best way to relax a tense face, but these facial exercises also help to tone the face muscles quickly. According to the daily morning show I watched, here are steps of a simple face exercise.

1. Squeeze up your whole face for a few seconds so that your nose and forehead are wrinkled and your eyes and mouth are tightly closed.

2. Do the opposite. Open your mouth and eyes as wide as you can.

3. Close your mouth again, purse your lips, and push your mouth up to the left, then push to the right.

4. Grin - as if from ear to ear and open your eyes wide again.

5. Hold and repeat the grin, but this time, tuck in your chin to tighten your neck muscles.

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