December 27, 2007


Samantha grew up excelling in a lot of fields -from academics to extra curricular activities. Her family is always very supportive. They are used to her achievements -that every now and then she is winning a contest or having an award for something she has done. When she went to college, she tried to change her life. In short, she took the wrong direction and made her life totally wrecked. When, she can not contain her hardships any longer, Sam bearing her unborn child, took her courage, went home, and faced her family. Her family welcomed her with love and compassion.

One night, her heart sunk as she saw her dad in front of her display cabinet of trophies. When her dad noticed him, she cried while telling her how sorry she was. Her dad hugged her tight while letting her know he will always be proud of her daughter, whether she may be achieving something or recognizing her mistake. After that, she knew she can still go on with her life.

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