December 31, 2007

One time Tax Consultant

A group of friends of mine was asking my help to find them a good tax consultant to help them in legally decreasing their tax liabilities. Their transportation business has been down since many of their boats got wrecked during the last storm.

Having researched about the car donations to Car Angel (, which is a non-profit company that uses car and other donations to make videos for kids and teens, I found out that they have given away over 2.4 million videos. Money raised is used to make the videos. I have also learned that if you donate boat, it can reduce IRS tax because you can claim it as a tax deduction.

I also advised them to visit their site for more information. They were thankful I shared my knowledge. It kinda saved them from paying a real tax consultant. One of them was even teasing me I should get a career in tax consultancy.

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