February 04, 2009

Seed Thoughts

Within the silent sorrows found in every human heart
Among the multitude of joy of which this life has part
Are known the secrets of each man by God and self alone
And may be well compared unto a seed which had been sown

Deep within the ground it lay... A planter put it there
The ground held tight its little seed with hopes that it would bear
In darkness it was harbored and later brought to light
That the holding of its contents would be kept from human sight

The pod began to open as the season swiftly passed
The earth pushed forth its hidden grain being manifest at last
Sprig began to turn to vine... More elaborate it had grown
Until in fact it reproduced the seed which had been sown

Thus take note my friend of all the secrets of your being
For the hidden thoughts of yesterday are the ones today you're seeing
Plant often good... Cast out the bad and let your garden well be seeded
With grains of truth, faith, hope, and love as they surely will be needed

And the Day will come when all the fruit be gathered in
The harvest vine... the grapes of wrath will be divided then
Shall we rejoice in harvest song as the reaper takes his part
It will all depend upon the thoughts we've planted in the heart

by: John Bruce Langley

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