August 10, 2010

Those were the days

Three days ago, my three aunt's together with my cousins visited us at home. It's been a while since my mom's sisters came to visit. I remember, when I was just a kid, they used to bond with my mom at home. Sometimes they bake cakes and cookies, cook pasta or a new recipe my aunt discovered. And I would play with my cousins. Sometimes they bring toys and other times we play our local games. It was fun to bond with them because we would always plan to visit our grandparents the next day. They stayed near the rice fields so we enjoy the most when we go there, just running around until we get tired. During summer, grandpa would build us kites and let them fly as high as the birds fly. Those were really good old times.

We got a good laugh when we recalled all those times. Today is different. After grandma died, grandpa lived with my spinster aunt. He is now old and need to be taken care of. But we still visit him. Though this time, we don't have kites to fly anymore. But we would still see grandpa's face lights up when we talk about those days.

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