September 18, 2010

Saving ways

My mom went to the electric station to pay for our bills. Our bill increased 35% compared to our last month’s bill. My dad always complains when a member of the family do not switch off the lights that they are not using. Even the television, he said it’s not ok to just turn it off you must unplug it because 25% of the electricity is still used by the television. Then we must also switch off the shower after taking a bath because if you don’t the water will just flow and flow and it will be added on the electricity bill. Well, I found this site where they have so many tips on how to save money, how to budget money and how to spend less money. I have it printed and gave it to my dad so that he will have knowledge on how to save money. I also posted those tips on our refrigerator so that my siblings will have an idea on how to save if we will just be responsible.

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