February 29, 2012


Spring is here and I am very happy. Finally we will have good weather and that we can now have the chance to travel during weekends. Some mini trips for a relaxing weekend getaway will help me to forget life's down side. This poem also help me yesterday morning to be inspired more in life. Hope it will make you smile too..

Live laugh and love
By John McLeod

Live well dear friends
In all you do,
Tho' paths be old
Or paths be new,
But to yourself
Be ever true,

Live well!

Laugh often friends
Tho' passing years
Bring, sometimes, smiles
And, sometimes, tears,
For mirth forever
Warms and cheers

Laugh often!

Love much dear friends
For love will bring
The healing joy
And hope of Spring,
Where pain and fear may never dwell
Nor anguish touch….

And so Live well,
Laugh often too,
And more, dear friends,

Love much!

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