December 07, 2013

Wedding in December

My cousin just got engaged over the weekend. When I visited her at her apartment, she was ecstatic to tell me the story how her boyfriend, now fiancĂ©e proposed. It was sweet of him to gather his whole family and sing some love song while he knelt down and asked the question. That story gave me goose bumps. They are planning to be wed in June next year. When I asked about her dream of becoming a June bride, she told me, it’s better to get marry on December or January, when the church has the best decorations! That way it’s more romantic and they can save money because they can skip the expensive deco in the church. They will only pay for the decorations at the reception. LOL again! But when you come to think of it, the church really has the grandest decorations on Christmas. I remember, my mom would always take a picture of me inside the church with the nativity displays, stars and angel decorations on the background, every Christmas. It was fun. It puts a smile on my face when I see my pictures. I can remember the feeling, smiling at the camera while I was in awe looking at the decorations. I guess being a December bride is now better than a June bride.

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