March 19, 2010

Finding the perfect gift

Last holidays, hubby and I love the gifts we received from friends, family and from our work. All the gifts are interesting and useful. I love the kitchen machines I got. Others are for my home spa weekends which I really wish and dream before but now I got it. Hubby got also garage tools, wines, sport shirts and a coffee maker from his work. They had a raffle draw during their office get together and he was the lucky one who got it.

I planned to give that coffee maker as a gift for him but I changed my mind and bought him a bowling game cd software to make him a little fit lol! Anyway that was a great gift. This weekend I am again in trouble finding a gift to my brother in law since he will celebrate his 5oth birthday. So what gifts for men can you recommend? it is really hard to find for them.

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