March 23, 2010

When the love ends

I feel sad that I learned my neighbors were separated. I feel sad for the girl, I dont know what happened between them but I feel so sad for the girl. What I know for the past years were living here in our flat , they are both happy couple. First, I thought they got already married since their door bell tag name was change with the boy's last name. Before, there both last names were written on the door bell tag. The flat was owned by the boy. And off the record that they were separated the boy has already a new girl and living with him already. Is the new girl the cause of the break up? Is she the wife already? I don't know. And last weekend, the start of spring the ex girl came and packed all her things. She has lost some weight and has a weary face. I know she can start a new life without him. The boy helped him and it was a lonely sight at the same time there is a bit of smile that behind those heart breaks they are still friends. I am really sad for the girl and I wish her she can find her true love and a happy ending of her story.

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